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Between December 29th and 30th 2015, Parker Warner Wright, creator of 11B-X-1371, published a series of posts on his Facebook account, each with a set of GPS coordinates on a black background. There were 4 posts in total, respectively titled: “One”; “Two … Deep contrast.”; “Three and four”; “Five and six”. When levels are adjusted on some of these pictures, they reveal hidden messages.

On January 1st, 2016, a new video titled 11B-3-1369 was released on Parker Warner Wright’s YouTube channel. The description of the 2:02 min black and white film reads: “Their lies unlock our dissent”.

Filmed at yet another abandoned location surrounded by a forest, the same character from the 11B-X-1371 video appears, wearing the same —now iconic— “plague doctor” mask and black cloak*. Unlike the first time, he is wearing a different pair of gloves —sans blinking light— throughout most of the video. The black, custom glove with blinking LEDs is featured in two sequences still, where Morse code is broadcasted.

A new, female character makes their appearance at 01:23. She wears a stained, white nightgown and a mask that makes her face look disfigured.

As in the first video, the soundtrack is a strange, elaborate mix of different tones, tweaked voices and beeping sounds, all contributing to the uneasy, creepy atmosphere of the whole piece.

Once again, 11B-3-1369 is loaded with several ciphers and codes.

Current Efforts

The IRC group ##11BX1371 is currently working on the last remaining ciphers from 11B-3-1369, notably:
The 11B-3-0000 PDF; the Lost Letters cipher; the Enigma code; as well as investigating parts of the frames.

If any of you is interested in helping us solving this, come visit us on the IRC ##11BX1371 and introduce yourself to any available OP there: Cyphere, Dtty, Qvasar or Singularity.
Follow us on Twitter: 11B_IRC and Facebook: 11B-IRC

11B-X-1371 Wiki | PWW Website Wiki | 110A30213 Wiki


11B-3-1369 was shot in Falenica, Poland. Very little is known about the actual building where the shooting took place. According to one of the persons who went there hunting for USB keys, "the building doesn't look like a factory, but maybe it used to be bigger. It looks more like a transport hangar for heavy vehicles to load stuff on and off." Two USB keys were found on-site: a teal one holding a 4.2GB video file, and a silver one marked with the number 2, holding the highest quality file of 46.13GB.

CONFIRMEDA huge thank you to Azi & friends and Klusek


Eight USB keys were hidden at the various locations below, in and around Warsaw, Poland, by Parker Warner Wright. One USB key (teal) containing a High Definition file of 11B-3-1369 was hidden in each location. Two of these also held a second USB key (silver) containing a huge, uncompressed 46.13GB file. Each USB key is numbered and autographed by Parker Warner Wright.

• ONE • 52˚12’23” N, 20˚59’59” E / 370ft Elevation

• TWO ... DEEP CONTRAST • 52˚14’0.12” N, 21˚6’25.58” E
Hidden message: Above the blue — This hidden message was often misread as "I love the film" or "I lost the film", none of which are correct.

• THREE AND FOUR • 52˚9’38” N, 21˚12’1” E / 270ft Elevation
Hidden message: A bloody floor — This location, Falenica, had two USB keys, one of them, silver, holding the original, uncompressed video file.

• FIVE AND SIX • 52˚12’39” N, 21˚0’17” E / 240ft Elevation 52˚13’0” N, 20˚58’3” E / 340ft Elevation
Hidden message: In the sticks

• SEVEN AND EIGHT • No coordinates
Hidden message: Our first date — Despite bearing no coordinates, "Our first date" referred to Zofiówka, where 11B-X-1371 was shot. Two USB keys were also hidden there. Unfortunately, none were found on the premises. It is likely somebody took them and never came forward. Their fate so far is unknown.

Video Titles

11B-3-1369 is following the same formatting pattern as the previous video title, 11B X 1371. Their meaning, however, is still unknown.

Audio – Ciphers & Codes

As with the first video, a spectrogram of the 11B-3-1369 audio reveals a lot of things.

Steganography Pictures

The word SUBMIT appears in the 3D magic-eye image, on 11B–3–1369 spectrogram
a) 00:02 > 00:32 — Both channels“YOU DIE WHEN THERE IS NO ONE WATCHING”. This message relates to a lyric line from Marilyn Manson’s Lamb Of God song, from the album Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death).

b) 00:02 > 00:30 — Both Channels — An autostereogram —commonly known as magic-eye image— is also present within the same block as above. Staring at it while slightly crossing one's eyes, the word "SUBMIT" clearly appears at the center of the image.


d) 01:22 > 01:44 — Channel OneAn unidentified picture appears below the previous message. It features a naked, blindfolded/masked woman. Some suggested she might have blood on her visible hand, belly and nether region. However, it appears the photograph is upside down. Once rotated 180º, one can see the woman looks as though she is lying in a bathtub. Moreover, the mask resembles a lot the one featured in the video.
Considering that after thorough research no picture has been found to even remotely match this one, it might be this photograph was taken during the shooting of 11B-3-1369. This was confirmed when PWW website was launched: another image (probably from a series) is displayed as a background on the Biography page.

e) 01:39 > 01:48 — Both channels — An image of the infamous, controversial art photograph: Piss Christ, by Andres Serrano.

Steganography Sound

a) 00:02 > 00:40 — What sounds like spoken voice can be heard in a loop sequence, corresponding on the spectrogram to the magic eye-like visual where it is hidden in low frequencies.
CONFIRMEDFound by PsychNerD, Vulgr & Singularity
This loop was isolated and filtered. A highly manipulated male voice keeps repeating: YOU NEED TO HEAR THE MESSAGE.

b) 00:22 > 01:29 — A strange, unidentified sound similar to tapping or chirping is heard. This whole sequence is divided in seven parts [ 00:22 to 00:29 ; 00:31 to 00:46 ; 00:47 to 00:52 ; 00:56 to 01:03 ; 01:06 to 01:13 ; 01:16 to 01:20 ; 01:23 to 01:29 ]. It is only visible on the second channel of the spectrogram.
SOLVED by Dtty
This part has been identified as a Tap code, whose origins go back to the Polybius square. Tap code is also known to be a way of communication between prisoners. The taps —shown as dots, below— reveal the following message:

•• ••• • ••••• •••• •• • •••••
2 , 3 1 , 5 4 , 2 1 , 5
••• •••• • •• • ••••• • •••• •• •••• • ••••• ••• ••• •••• ••••
3 , 4 1 , 2 1 , 5 1 , 4 2 , 4 1 , 5 3 , 3 4 , 4
•••• •••• ••• •••• •••• •••• •• ••• • ••••• •• •••• •••• ••
4 , 4 3 , 4 4 , 4 2 , 3 1 , 5 2 , 4 4 , 2
••• • • • ••••• •• •••• ••• ••••• •• • ••••• ••• • •• •••• • •••••
3 , 1 1 , 1 5 , 2 4 , 3 5 , 2 1 , 5 3 , 1 2 , 4 1 , 5

c) 00:53 > 01:16 — Another spoken voice section. This sequence sounds like a male voice reading a text. This one is also only visible on the second channel of the spectrogram.
SOLVED by PsychNerD
This sequence —which turns out to be a FM Modulated audio with a carrier frequency around 1870 Hz— was successfully isolated and filtered, to reveal the following poem:

I took her to the river
She lit the way with her torch
Her thorny crown
Cast a shadow on my face
I took her beneath the bridge
I took her
But she didn’t want it
She bled
I did it on broken glass
I never heard her cry
As into the river, she fell
Her body, a shell.

Ternary dot code within the audio - work document
d) 00:37 > 01:21 — A sound similar to a sped up xylophone sequence, only visible on the first channel of the spectrogram is played.
SOLVED by Dtty
After several options were explored and ultimately discarded, this "Dots sequence" has been identified as a ternary code. Once turned into their numeric value —where the bottom dot is 0; the middle dot is 1 and the upper dot is 2— those dots revealed a long string of digits. Once organised into blocks of 7 digits —taking into account uppercase, lowercase, space and period— they could be transcribed into their alphanumeric values, successfully divulging the message below:

0200001 0101000 0100112 0100012 0100212 0101000 0100120 0100200 0100011 0100012 0100200 0101000
A n e w o r d e r
0100100 0100201 0101000 0100120 0100112 0101000 0100202 0100022 0100012 0101000 0100022 0100012
i s o n t h e h e
0100200 0100100 0100222 0100012 0100112 0101001 0200221 0100120 0100210 0101000 0100111 0100210
r i z e n . Y o u m u
0100201 0100202 0101000 0200020 0100120 0000001 0000001 0100120 0100212 0200120 0100200 0200020
s t F o 1 1 o w O r F
0100001 0100110 0100110
a l l

After thorough verification, the output for the word horizon does indeed transcribe as "herizen". It is unclear whether this is intentional or not. Since the word "follow" comes with two '1' instead of 'L', the spelling of the word "herizen" might be intentional... or a decoy.


01:59 — 20 tone Chirp showing on the spectrogram of 11B-3-1369.
The Chirp from 11B-3-1369 leads to a password protected pdf, stored online.
a) 01:59 > 02:00 — This last, very short, 1-second section is a series of 20 mysterious "beeps". Those twenty sneaky, little tones, at the end of 11B-3-1369 were successfully identified as a Chirp.
FOUND by Cyphere & Singularity

A Chirp is a kind of sonic QRcode, developed for being decoded by smartphones, via an app of the same name. It consists of 32 alphanumeric characters (0-9; A-V) that are mapped to as many pitches, each, one semitone apart. According to Asio Ltd, who developed the app:

“An entire chirp is a sequence of 20 pure tones of 87.2ms each. The first 2 tones are a common ‘front door’ pair –hj– to indicate to a device that the following tones are a chirp shortcode; the next 10 tones represent the 10-character payload. The final 8 tones are Reed-Solomon error correction characters.”

In this instance, when 11B-3-1369 is played nearby a smartphone that has the Chirp app opened, the app instantly picks up the signal at the end of the video and decodes it. A link directs to a Dropbox account holding a PDF file titled 11B-3-0000.protected.pdf, ready for download. As 'protected' suggests, however, the PDF is locked with a password. Hunt for the password is ON.

SOLVED by Singularity

Several passwords were tried, from the titles of the videos to relevant terms, such as blackbeast, death, virus, antidisestablishmentarianism, etc., in vain. Attention then shifted toward keywords from cipher outputs from 11B-3-1369, including that rogue, hilarious Aetbx is, d-poser. Adrenaline started to drip when it became evident the Ternary code cipher was the only payload featuring strange spelling. Toying with the idea of replacing all O by 0 (to match the strange spelling of "fo11ow") and trying all possible combinations, eventually, the PDF unlocked its door.

11B-3-0000 Password: Fo11ow0rFall

PENDING Arcyde ; Cyphere ; DrSinister ; Dtty ; Hhkjh ; IAmDW ; Lee ; Nightsteed ; Qvasar ; Singularity & Vrylya

b) The unlocked PDF reveals a ciphertext on 4 pages, each with 1800 characters. Some words —including some in various languages— are relatively easily spotted, yet their combination so far makes no sense at all.

[ UPDATE 10/13/2016 ]: A lot of different words have been found on each page of the 11B-3-0000 PDF. Nevertheless, considering the number of characters on each page, some of those words are most probably random; notably, several being only readable backward, or upward diagonal. Other words in different languages such as French, German, Portuguese —even including slang words— can be found. For this reason, and after finding another familiar sentence on page 1 —YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD, in the cluster F21 ; M27— we decided to scratch as many irrelevant terms as possible, only to keep those that fit —or could fit— the 11B narrative, so far. Thus, we end up with the following:

Page 1: Aside from the now infamous YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD, another very interesting sentence appears on this page: HOOKER WITH A PENIS. As stressed by IRC user Vrylya, this is the title of a song by Tool from their album Ænima. Other noticeable clusters of words on this page are: JOIN THE NATIONAL FEAR / AWE ; DEATH DESIRES ; PLACATE REPUGNANT SIN ; NEOLOGISM and FAILED.

Page 2: FAITH BIG MISTAKE ; DISEASE IGNORANCE COMPLACENCY ; At the top of the page both the words HATE and RELIGION have the word FEAR appearing vertically, stuck to their last letter.


Page 4: IDOL ; VIRAL ; ROOT ; ADAM ; DNA and RNA. Even if those are rather short words that could have been generated randomly, they seem to eerily match the content of a new URL found on The Heathen Group website, after PWW posted a steganographic image on his Facebook.

We can also notice that we have two instances of IDAN, both on page 1 (O4 ; R4) and on page 4 (C1 ; F1). If you are following, those are the last four characters from the Enigma (see section d) here: Video – Ciphers & Messages.) Despite those are interesting findings, it is hard to believe PWW would have gone to such lengths in order to hide this PDF, only for that. We seem to agree that this 4-page document is probably hiding something else. Work is underway in order to determine what kind of cipher or code might be hidden in it.

Video – Ciphers & Messages

Several different ciphers, messages and a few oddities can be seen throughout the entire video.


a) 00:06.50 — Single frames showing strings of sliced, white letters start flashing sporadically throughout the video. When assembled, they reveal a cipher in 3 distinct sequences of characters:

b) 00:37.56 > 01:12.51 — Morse code sequence (blinking LED glove). Throughout this whole sequence, we notice the character's left-hand looks like ASL sign for the number 8 (Unconfirmed). One interesting thing to note is at 00:39.57 on the left side of the screen, an overlay of the character appears briefly, superimposed in the graffito. He stares at himself (profile figure broadcasting the Morse code), then looks at the viewer and points to his eyes, raising his right hand, as if to say "LOOK CAREFULLY"? Since the LED blinking cannot be missed and obviously attracts the viewer's eyes and attention, perhaps the "Look" gesture is meant to notice something else going on.
SOLVED by D2691E
Eventually, the Morse code was successfully translated, turning out to be a quote attributed to Karl Liebknecht: "THE AIM OF MY LIFE IS TO OVERTHROW THE MONARCHY"

Translation relative to the use of upper/lowercase, in Google Translate.
c) 01:33.36 > 00:00.00 — A pigpen cipher appears on the upper left of the screen. Using the same substitution key as the one in 11B-X-1371, this new pigpen gives the following output:

which, when reversed, gives the Latin:
and translates as:

The first translation was problematic for several reasons —lack of context, notably— as well as the wild differences observed in Google Translate, as evidenced on the right, in which the translation is different, relative to the use of upper and lowercase for the input.
Although Parker W. Wright confirmed the pigpen payload, he had never confirmed its translation, however. Since then, and after working some more, we have settled for a final translation: THE LONGING NEVER DIES — this time, confirmed. (SOLVED)

d) 01:44.25 and 01:52.24 — Two frames, [6272] and [6752] are showing 4-character strings that likely indicate an Enigma M4 output, reading as follows:

e) 01:48.42 > 01:48.51 — A brief sequence of ten frames divide the screen in two, vertically. The left half is white, the right half is black. Nine of them look like a piece of white paper, roughly torn, over a black background. One single frame [6532] stands out, however, where the white and black parts are divided by a perfect straight line. Toying with the levels of frame 6532 reveals the following:

White Part – (left)


Black Part – [right]


Two long strings of 364 characters each are facing one another. Various candidate ciphers were explored. One thing to note is the string reading: -aetbx-is-,dposer. It is highly unlikely the name of Aetbx —known to have been the first to upload the original .iso content initially uploaded by PWW on 4Chan; trying several times to claim authorship— would randomly appear in this cipher. One can only chuckle —if not just laugh out loud— at this witty zing from PWW.
Initially, the consensus among the people from the IRC team, was that it could be a key (or part of a key) to decrypt it. This proved untrue.
SOLVED by Dtty, Prova & Tru3F0x
This substitution cipher can be decrypted by using pairs of letters, one from the White part and one from the Black part, in sequential order. In this instance, for example, I and K are the first pair. By adding the position of each letter in the alphabet — here I = 9 ; K = 11 ∴ 9 + 11 = 20 — we obtain the position of the deciphered letter. In our example, 20 is the position of the letter T in the alphabet. See the detailed decryption here. Some sneaky errors still remain in the payload. Despite trying different substitution systems, it seems those are systematic, in the exact same place.
UPDATE: This cipher is confirmed solved, despite the few of errors in our output. In fact, those are due to an initial error in shifts on PWW’s end. This is reassuring for two reasons. 1) It goes on to show that as much as doing ciphers by hand is a wide open door to creativity, we Humans, are all prone to mistakes. 2) It also shows breaking our minds on this cipher, testing for all possibilities, trashing it and doing it all over again, by hand including backwards (from the payload to the cipher) was not useless. Not only did we learn quite a few things in the process, we actually did great!

Once decrypted the cipher reads:

There is no room left for the old empire.
Your fathers have fallen, their dreams thrice removed.
Taken down a path of ill repair, the family crumbles.
Screaming to the mountains, with voices unheard, death takes hold.
Your gods have failed you,
your nation has failed you,
your family failed you ...
You will fail yourself.
You are already dead.
Your bed already made.

ASL (American Sign Language)

At the end of the video, the stop-motion part features American Sign Language executed by the male character. Also, as was the case in 11B-X-1371, the male character holds his hands in a particular manner, whose meaning remained mysterious. When the first video was released in 2015 —aside from one-track-mind, uneducated tinfoil hats whose vernacular is limited to "Illuminati!"—, several people decided that this gesture was the "Merkel Raute"; a correlation we always found utterly preposterous since one has to be seriously barking mad —and blind— to actually see any convincing similarity between the two.
The female character also executes two particular gestures. Contrary to what was initially asserted by some, her hand sign is not ASL translating to named, or name. ASL signs for those words are, in fact, very different. Moreover, prior to doing her hand sign, she appears to briefly hold herself, with her arms crossed over her chest.
SOLVED by Cyphere, Dtty, IamDW, Lee_, Singularity, Watcher_
a) Three signs executed by the male character indicate “RED”; “GREEN”; “BLUE” corresponding to the RGB additive colour model inherent to display of images on television sets and computer displays, and moving image formats in general.
It is still unclear why, however, this particular piece of information is executed here.
SOLVED by Cyphere, Dtty, IamDW, Lee_, Singularity, Watcher_
b) Three other hand signs follow, executed by the male character. Initially believed to sign "COMPARE IN BLUE", this translation has been abandoned. Indeed, the last sign is very different from the previous one that actually means "blue". Furthermore, it has been established the sign for the word "compare" is also different than the one we see in this sequence.
After much debate, the likeliest translation seem to be "DEAD IN MIRROR". As such, it would seem to echo and follow up the message "YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD" present in the spectrogram of 11B–X–1371.
SOLVED by Cosmicore, EMPixie, Singularity
c) The male character is seen executing the same —now infamous— hand sign as in 11B-X-1371, where both his hands are joined, all fingers interlaced, except for the thumbs and index fingers that are joined at the tip.
##11BX1371 members Cosmicore and EMPixie determined that this hand gesture is, in fact, a Mudra — a ritual gesture in Hinduism and Buddhism. Here, the mudra performed by the male character is called Uttarabodhi mudra, which represents the "ultimate enlightenment gesture" (Sanskr. uttarabodhimudrā; Tib. byang chub mchog gi phyag rgya).
Similarly, the female character gesture we initially thought could be interpreted as victory or peace, turns out to be another mudra. In this case, she does the Prana mudra, which represents the "cure for all diseases". Considering this, it may be that her arms wrapping around her chest is simply the innate human gesture for pain or sickness, thus hinting at her hand gesture being the Prana mudra.


a) The background wall during the Morse code sequence features graffiti reading: "I SPEAK ONLY OF MYS" — the letters ELF are washed out, composing the word ‘myself’. Based upon photographs taken at the location where the shooting took place, this inscription reads:

[washed out]
ONE TO FOLL[washed out]

On a perpendicular wall, in the same room —though not featured in the video:


This text is, in fact, an extract from Tristan Tzara's Dada Manifesto. The original text actually reads:
I speak only of myself since I do not wish to convince, I have no right to drag others into my river, I oblige no one to follow me and everybody practices his art in his own way [...]

b) Palm imprints and several disordered splashes of what looks like blood also appear on the walls. As visioning progresses, graffiti seem to disappear from the wall, until only part of the text remains, amputated of “MYS”, leaving just: "I SPEAK ONLY OF" visible. During the last four seconds of the video, the wall is almost immaculate, save for a few, thin splashes of "blood".


Horizontal Lines

At time code 00:10.18 to 00:10.47, frames #620 to #649 show horizontal lines —some of which presenting a square digital artifact— sliding from the right to the left of the screen. It is currently unknown whether those have any particular meaning, or they are simply a post-production effect.

4 Still Images

A series of 4 frames —still images— flashing very briefly throughout the video, show respectively:
Frame #225 — White background, 3 black felt pen lines.
Frame #1457 — Blood red textured background, 1 white felt pen line and a doodle.
Frame #1593 — White background, 1 black felt pen line, identical doodle and texture as #1457.
Frame 5267 — White background, 3 black felt pen lines.
SOLVED by William, Cyphere, Gaffen, Qvasar & Singularity
We initially thought the number of lines on these 4 images might perhaps, be relevant. However, playing with them some more, when the frames are superposed on top of each other, we obtain the image of an upside-down American flag.
Even more interesting is the symbolism of the US flag in this specific position. According to the United States Flag Code, "The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property." [ 4 U.S. Code § 8(a) ] Most individuals who have served in the military service of the United States of America will —or should— recognize this signal. This image seems to echo not only the mention of the words STARS STRIPES FLAG —Stars & Stripes being a nickname for the US flag— found on the page 3 of the 11B-3-0000 PDF, but also both the White House coordinates and the REDLIPSLIKETENTH Morse code/Hex image anagram, from the 11B-X-1371 video.
Upside-down Stars and Stripes obtained from superimposing frames #225, #1457, #1593 and #5267, from 11B-3-1369.

Extra Clue/s?

Unknown symbols on celluloid
On January 21st 2016, Parker W Wright posted a picture on his Facebook page, showing a few strips of film from the original raw footage of 11B–3–1369.

Aside from the 35mm strips, four strips of celluloid can be seen. At the top of the picture, one small piece shows three felt pen lines, similar to those appearing in the video, at frame #225. Slightly to the left, another strip of celluloid shows part of the string of letters, believed to be an Enigma output. At the bottom left of the picture, the third piece of celluloid shows the lines from the frame #5267, present in the video. Lastly, about bottom centre of the picture, another strip shows four unknown symbols. Those symbols do not appear to be featured in the video.

The first two, look like a set of 4 horizontal bars, grouped by pairs, superposed at their opposite tip, one pair above the other. Some have speculated they look like runes, or the number 4, without providing any bit of evidence, however. On the right, another symbol resembling a capital T, rotated 90º counterclockwise, is adjacent to the last symbol; this one looks like a rectangle whose left side is missing, or a square-shaped, capital U, rotated 90º, like the previous symbol.

Official Website: PWWRIGHT.COM

On March 12th, 2016, Parker W Wright announced the launch of his official website on his Twitter and Facebook.

A detailed exploration and analysis of the website is ongoing. A new wiki page about it is here: PWWRIGHT Official Website.

Interviews | Parker W. Wright & Brunon Rejewski

Early in March 2016, Parker W Wright gave two interviews for two YouTube Polish channels. His face concealed by a pixellated effect, his voice altered as well, Wright candidly answered the questions of both interviewers, careful however to avoid saying too much, or to give —at least obvious— clues.
He talks a bit about his vision of the world, which seems to permeate his work quite deeply. From the wild correlations made both by people and the media, between 11B-X-1371 and the atrocious attacks that occurred in Paris, on November 13th 2015, Wright makes a few interesting points, both about the underlying meaning of his work and the world in general.
Wright also mentions that a couple of details in 11B-X-1371 and 11B-3-1369 have been missed, insisting the position of things, and directions the character looks at, in the video/s, are important. That is pretty much the only "clue" he gave, though. Regardless, those two interviews are worth checking out. The second interview can be watched, here.

Brunon Rejewski —the cameraman and video editor, also participating in the post-production— was also interviewed by the same you tubers. As revealed previously in his interview with Jhony Krahbichler, from, Rejewski evokes how he came to work with Parker W Wright. A fan of the first video, he simply approached Wright when the latter created his Facebook page. Although both men seem to have different ideas and interests, it is interesting to discover some of the junctions in their respective paths, and how their creative chemistry may flow from there. The interview on the right is in Polish, subtitled in English. Unfortunately, the second interview is in Polish only, without subtitles.
Other videos by Brunon Rejewski are online, on his Instagram.