Strike an Arrow

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Current confirmation of the following letters

S     trikeanarrow throught e hea t oftheeagle

Matching "Verdana" text over the frames listed (TBC), and combining them creates the following (click for Larger View):


Notice that the initial S is, not only the only capital letter, but also "american typewriter" font. it should also be noted that the distance between the 'S' and the 't' is quite large.

Most of the letters are clear to see and appear for several frames, but there are also many that do not appear so easily. The following gifs show the areas where the letters appear, but due to blurring and video encoding, the only way we know they are there is the sudden appearance for 2 or more frames as a darker shadow.

Click for Large View:

Missing O's

Missing E's

Possible Solution

Up until now, all puzzles have been individual and unconnected; "strike an arrow" may be the first found to imply a connection between different puzzles and hopefully prove another layer of puzzles we had only begun to scratch the surface of.

Heart of eagle 2.png

The windings arrows are the "13" of "13 and 50". Note, this could be the 13 or just the 3 that is going through the G"

When the "heart of the eagle" is taken literally as in the "heart (centre) of the word eagle", you can see that the windings arrows line up very neatly with the centre of the G (the G is the "heart" of the word "eagle". This would also be another hint that the "lips" below could have been a failed attempt at an eagles eye that was drawn too small and therefore painted over in white, thus the G logo could be an incomplete "eagle".

When a line is going through the centre of a letter, it's official name is strikethrough, and in this case, an arrow literally strikethrough G (which is the heart of the word eagle).



  • The search term "Strike an arrow through the heart of the eagle" does not appear before September 2015, other than in response to a pre-September comment, or an error on the website. Source Google
  • All characters are in Verdana typeface, apart from the initial S which is in American Typewriter.