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On the 30th of November, a new twitter account appeared under the name "Parker Warner Wright" with a picture of a mask purporting to be the one used in the video - the first claim to authenticity anyone had presented and, to many, what appeared to be the most relevant. The first tweets used the hashtag #11BX1371 and tagged both GagdetZZ and Exen, while linking to a facebook profile which the second tweet said was the "real Parker W Wright". Exen confronted the tweeter under the handle "@ParkerWWright" and asked for proof other than the mask, as anyone, in his words, could make a mask. The exchange between these two led to a redddit comment on the thread of this video where an account under the same name posted what are supposed to be the original frames used in the pigpen cipher. Both Exen and some IRC users began noting that the mask seemed to be a match to the one used in the video and the first exchanges with the creator and IRC users took place a while later.

As many people were still skeptical, the handler(s) of both the twitter account and the Facebook profile under the same name sought to present further proof of authenticity. Pictures of gloves (purported to be the ones used in the video) were taken and sent to an IRC user, what "PWW" claims to be the arduino code used for the "blinking hand" was posted through twitter, and many people started to believe that whoever was behind these accounts was the creator. There remain some skeptics but most of the IRC users seem to agree that whoever controls these accounts, at the very least, contains information that could only be had by the creator(s) of this video. In the meantime, under request of IRC and twitter users, the Youtube account under the name "Parker Wright" (which contains the highest quality of 11B-X-1371 known so far) has been accessed as supposed further proof to back "PWW's" claims. The video description has been changed and comments have been enabled. Some have suggested, however, that this information could have been retrieved by some hacker; however, this argument merely seems to stress the limits and extent of our knowledge: besides the requirements needed to be able to log onto the Youtube account mentioned above and the pictures, there is no further, reliable information that is hard to forge and we only have thi much - nothing further. Several possibilities remain open, despite the apparent great lenghts to which the controllers of these accounts have been to prove authorship and authenticity - and, hence, skeptics remain.

The question of whether or not the real creator has, in fact, come forward is further ignited by the apparent diversions and mishaps when "PWW" (or someone controlling those accounts) seems to be confronted with several issues. Many people doubt some of his claims and point to, at the very least, unnecessary obscurity and/or lack of "honest answers". There have been some controversial issues, which are well documented when perusing "PWW's" twitter account. Some IRC users have also run against some frustrating barriers when trying to obtain some answers, but most seem to agree that the mere fact that IRC's "PWW" is flooded everytime he pays the appropriate IRC channels a visit does not help and that it helps to divert attention. To some extent, some measures have been taken by IRC users in order to coordinate these sessions so that everyone gets a chance to question IRC's "PWW" in the best way possible.

As to the video itself, all "versions" of "Parker Warner Wright" seem to agree on this much: the video is a "piece of art", not accessible to most, and any threats of physical violence are not to be taken literally. The "creator" has elaborated, to some extent, on his purpose behind making the video and some of the messages it contains. All have stated, so far, that the creator wishes to "wake people up" to what is usually perceived as the "age of misinformation" (this last expression not being his, though); that "his" art will not be understood by "the people who need it the most"; and that the creator wishes to get people involved. In the latest appearance of "ParkerWWright" on the IRC, the user(s) behind the nickname has stated, when pressed on the issue, that he wishes this to be the start of a successful career in the field, doing similar work for the same purpose.

Many people did not appreciate, however, that someone has stepped forward - and for a variety of reasons, mostly regarding the apparent loss of the mystery that surrounded this video. Some have pointed out that art is not to be explained or elaborated on, for an instance, while others have stated their discontent with what they perceive as the current lack of anonymity. However, one must note that even the name, according to all the versions of "PWW" so far, seems to be false and part of the puzzle itlself. So lacking name and having only a mask and some gloves, anonymity is, in fact, preserved. Some IRC users have noted this and this has also been maintained by "ParkerWWright".

The CEO of GadgetZZ, Johny-Erik Krahbichler, has had some exchanges with "ParkerWWright" as well. Their exchanges in twitter can be seen in the link below.

It should be noted that all "proof" given so far only proves that PWW has access to source material, or has had access at some point. It does not verify him as the creator, note that this is very difficult to ascertain.

This page will continue to be updated as more information comes out.

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