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Entry page, image animation on
Entry page, image animation on

Sometime in late February 2016, monitoring the web for possible new clues or posts related to Parker Warner Wright’s 11B-3-1369, some of us at the ##11BX1371 IRC channel discovered a new URL: According to available data, the domain was activated on January 12th, 2016, shortly after the release of 11B-3-1369.
The original homepage showed a fullscreen, black and white photograph of the iconic leather mask from 11B-X-1371, on a black background, with a flickering cipher, over it. The cipher read GZQDRTTSZR. To this day, it is unsolved.
Upon further analysis, no other link, page or anything else was found. The photograph of the mask, however, featured a small logo, seemingly etched on the leather, reading: 11B. Checking out the Hex code of the picture revealed the following sentence, dumped in the last line: I AMNOTTH AT PRE DICT ABLE.

SOLVED by DrSinister (IRC's new C.P.S.)
Using logic and reasoning, DrSinister went ahead with the idea that GZQDRTTSZR, due to its placement on the temporary homepage, could be a ciphered Coming Soon. The number of letters matching that probable output, by using the cipher string with "comingsoon" as a key/passphrase for a Vigenère cipher, resulted with ELEVENBELE as a payload. Then, using this as a key/passphrase for the original cipher, sure enough, COMINGSOON was deciphered — for which the exact key is elevenb.

Original homepage for, prior to March 13th, 2016 – © Parker Warner Wright

On March 12th, 2016, Parker Warner Wright officially announced the launch of his website on his Twitter and Facebook accounts. Twenty-four hours later, the website changed, unleashing a fast-paced slideshow made of images bearing a white PWW logo and the name Parker Warner Wright.
Needless to say, the whole website is loaded with hidden messages, ciphers, and codes, that can be found at all levels, from sneaky right-clicks to invisible text, or directly embedded in the numerous pictures.

A huge thank you to: Bb223344, Dtty, GamingForce, Hhkjh, IamDW, and Tru3F0x, for their invaluable research and help with this.


Although a lot has been found already, little has been explored fully or decrypted yet.
If any of you is interested in researching and solving anything, come visit us on the IRC ##11BX1371
and introduce yourself to any available OP there: Cyphere, Dtty, Qvasar or Singularity.
Your help/insight is always welcome.


On February 6th, 2016, PWW posted an image on Facebook divulging a white logo on a black background, without any commentary. Sure enough, everybody understood this logo stands for Parker Warner Wright. Someone pointed out —admitedly joking— similarities with the inverted pentagram associated with Satanism and Baphomet. The minimalistic design of the two W, mirrored on the axis of the central P is enclosed in a square, rotated 90 degrees. As such, it is reminiscent of warning labels found on hazardous materials and other warning signs. So far, the only comment from PWW was: "There is a lot of symbology to it."

This scratched-like logo first appeared etched on the leather mask, on the early homepage of the website. It is currently displayed on the Biography page of the website as well as on a series of mobile device wallpapers, hidden as a secret nugget in the first issue of Wright Times.


The entry page of the website displays several images flashing at a fast pace. If some of them appear to be extracted from both 11B-X-1371 and 11B-3-1369, others, never seen before, were possibly taken during the shootings of the videos. Also featured are a couple of images showing superimposed letters, and bits of code. All of them bear a rift PWW logo.

  • Right-Click reads: Do not even try.


Main page on
The main page holds the website menu over an ominous image of the leather mask inserted in a background made of several superimposed images and hidden texts. Aside from the image itself, this page has two interesting elements.

A right-click on the page brings up a pop-up with the following cipher:


Contrary to rumors born on Reddit, this cipher is NOT a “cesar shift 2 places” (sic) resolving in an “anagram for 12 second time limit exceeded”. This is asinine!
At this point, this cipher is unsolved.

The now famous Red Dot that appears in different positions, relative to the screen size (device) on which the page is displayed. Since the website was launched, the position of the Red Dot has changed several times.
Once one manages to click on it —which can be pretty tedious— it directs to a whole hidden section of the website featuring some sort of game (see Hidden Puzzle section).

At the bottom of the page, the social media links are matching the PWW logo. We will develop on the interesting aspect of the last two, Vimeo and Patreon, in the next update.


A short biography of PWW regroups bits and pieces of information that were dropped, here and there, via his Twitter and Facebook accounts. Notably, there is again a mention of Parker W. Wright being a Farhist. The exact meaning of this mysterious term is still unknown, despite due research. [See update here: Second Order of Farhism]
These biographic elements remain quite brief and evasive.

The background image shows a naked woman covered in blood, lying in what appears to be a bathtub, wearing the same mask as the female character from 11B-3-1369. A huge 11B logo —the same that was ‘etched’ on the mask, on the site’s temporary splash page before launch— is superimposed on the photograph.

  • Right-Click reads: Do not even try.


This menu presents both videos released so far. For each of them, visitors are redirected to yet another highly intricate, fullscreen image that seem to hold several hidden texts, ciphers, and/or codes. Both background images show the masked character from the videos.
The image for 11B-X-1371 has a block of text reading Are you listening? whereas the one for 11B-3-1369 reads, Their lies unlock our dissent. Clicking on them directs to another page, where the video is played fullscreen. Both those one liners are the texts appearing on YouTube, in the video description.

  • Right-Click on the 11B-X-1371 page reads: Do not even try.
  • Right-Click on the 11B-3-1369 brings up the following cipher:

This cipher is unsolved.

Wright Times

This menu was set sometime in early July 2016. Prior to its appearance, the 11B menu itself was split in two, one for each video.
On May 26th, 2016, in a Facebook post, PWW announced: “I have been putting together a periodical with the prospective title, "Wright Times." I am not certain exactly how periodic it will be, but you can expect to see a new puzzle with incremented levels of complexity, in each cycle, as well as some other little nuggets you won't catch from me, on social media.”
The first issue of Wright Times was delivered to subscribers on July 28th. PWW posted a link to this first issue, on his Facebook.

Subscribe submenu

The subscription page features an image that was posted by Parker on his Facebook, showing original film reel from the 11B-3-1369 footage, including unknown symbols. A ciphered line of text appears at the bottom.

  • Right-Click brings up the following cipher:
SOLVED by IamDW (IRC's newest C.P.S.)
This cipher is a backwards text containing a misleading, rogue period, reading: THE CURE FOR BOREDOM IS CURIOSITY. THERE IS NO CURE FOR CURIOSITY
A couple of things are worth noting about this. 1) Similarly to the Daniel J. Boorstin quote further down, this quote here seems commonly misattributed to Dorothy Parker, when allegedly, it would appear more likely to be —in part— from someone called Ellen Parr. The latter, however, remains a mystery because no biographical elements have been found. A very interesting exposé is located on the QI website. 2) Furthermore, still from QI, in 1984, a newspaper from Sitka, Alaska "used it as the solution to a cryptogram puzzle".

Thank you page

Creepy background image from the 'thank you' page users are redirected to, after subscribing to Wright Times.
Detail from the 'thank you' page, revealing a quote by Daniel J. Boorstin, once the text on the page is highlighted.

Once subscribed, the form redirects to a ‘thank you’ page exhibiting one of the most bizarre images on the website.
A bit in the manner of the initial splash page, the leather mask takes the whole width, over a weird photomontage showing a still from 11B-3-1369, where the character’s face seems to melt. A huge creepy hand, at the top, looks as if it holds the hood of the character's black cloak. The image is riddled with dots that might be some sort of cipher.

Whereas the majority of pages on the site seem to be set with disabled text selection, this particular page hides a neat invisible text. When 'selecting all’ on the page, the following quote appears highlighted in black, right over the ‘Thank you’ block of text:

The greatest obstacle to discovering the shape of the earth, the continents, and the oceans was not ignorance but the illusion of knowledge.
~Daniel J. Boorstin

What is particularly interesting about this quote from Boorstin’s book, The Discoverers, published in 1983, is that it is very often misattributed to renowned, theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking. As such, it comes as a good demonstration of the quote's meaning.

  • Right-Click brings up the following cipher:
Here is a key.
SOLVED by IamDW (IRC's newest C.P.S.)
First, IamDW recognized a classic ROT–13 that gave the following output:
From there, it was easy to spot this one is backward, like the precedent. Its output thus reads: Here is a key. TO CURE EDUCATION BY MEANS OF REASON AND REASON BY MEANS OF EDUCATION / FOUR ONE EIGHT.
A quick research online did not return a result for this quote, but we could not miss the "Four One Eight", probably sitting there as a signature, at the end. Since The Heathen Group (THG) Facebook was put online, a couple of comments appeared on PWW's Facebook page, left by someone going by the handle Four Oneeight. Although questions were raised a while back as to whether this person was genuine, this settles it. It is unclear yet how this is a key.

Soon submenu – (hidden page)

Strange, animated symbol appearing on the 'soon' hidden page.

It is unclear what this page is about. However, someone noticed that appending soon.html in the URL, directs to a black page with a strange, animated symbol. The page is otherwise completely bare and does not seem to hold any hidden text, cipher, or right-click.

Note: Another section of this wiki will be created to specifically explore the ciphers and “other little nuggets” found in Wright Times.


This section features a list of articles from all over the world, published on various news websites and blogs, as well as links to the interviews given by PWW and Brunon Rejewski, back in March 2016.
At the ##11BX1371 IRC, we were happily surprised to see that links to this wiki we maintain are also included in the "Reference" section!

The background image shows an impressive close-up of the mask worn by the female character in 11B-3-1369.

  • Right-Click reads: Do not even try.


The credits page displays a dark image with various tags and graffiti, sprayed and engraved on a wall. This image may also hold some hidden text since a huge “YOU” can be seen across the whole height.

This section duly mentions PWW, as well as Brunon Rejewski, for his work as camera operator and for post-production. It also reveals two other interesting details:

1) The website appears to be a collaboration between PWW and The Heathen Group.

A search on this group does not return much information, to say the least. Despite apparently existing —at least on the web— since 2010, it is unclear what this group is really about, or who may be behind it. What we do know, is that according to the credit on, they are involved in the concept and graphic aspects of the site. Metadata from their own website only gives out such succinct info as: "heretic; art; atheism; dissident art".
During the early days of April 2016, a Facebook page for The Heathen Group was discreetly put online, which features enigmatic posts related to PWW’s work.

2) A person by the name Dominic D. Miller is mentioned as PR contact.

There again, no relevant details have been found about them. Just as for PWW and B. Rejewski, it is possible this is a pseudonym, too.
When clicked, that PR contact name directs to a page with a contact form bearing the same background image as the Wright Times subscription page. At the bottom of the form, the following text encourages people to use PGP encryption for correspondence:

Should you expect a response, we strongly advise you use PGP. Please include your Public Key ID and its fingerprint, at the bottom of your message, together with a link to your key.

  • Right-Click on the Credits page reads: Stop. Think about it.
  • Right-Click on the Contact page reads: YOU MUST F0110W OR FALL.

[ Update 08/16/2016: ] Another curious detail about this page is its name. If its URL reads credits.html, its name, however, is displayed as "Parker Warner Wright | Credits | The Farhist Faction". It is unclear whether this mention was always there, or if it was added later on. In any case, it is quite enigmatic. Is The Farhist Faction a name for PWW's team/collaborators? Is it something else?


This page presents the regular terms of usage and privacy policy required for websites that collect data, in this instance, via the subscription form in Wright Times.
The background image features a creepy close-up of the male character’s mask together with wireframe art, some of which looks a bit like sacred geometry. This artwork also seems to hold hidden text within the image.

  • Right-Click reads a creepy:
How much
time have you

Hidden Pages

Hidden Puzzle

The website conceals different levels. There is a tiny Red Dot on the main page, for example. When one manages to click on it, the visitor accesses a strange puzzle/game, itself having different levels. Those sub-pages are set with a different timed redirect. Without user interaction on the page/s in a timely fashion, the visitor is kicked out and sent back to the website intro page. Since the website was launched, the position of the Red Dot has changed several times. Its position is also different, relative to which device is used to access the website. It has also been noted that on some of the pages from the puzzle/game different, strange audio files are automatically played.

This puzzle holds several unknown glyphs that have been identified as numbers and operators. The whole puzzle is built on a quinary system. When successfully navigating through the different levels —it is believed there is about a hundred or so hidden pages, several showing the same background image, thus adding to the confusion— one lands on a black page with a password prompt reading: You should know what is needed here. Once the correct password is entered, one reaches a final page that displays for a few seconds, before the visitor is redirected to the main page. This last page is the only one (so far as we know) that has a color background image. It displays the following message:

Congratulations! You are visitor #
{here a number is displayed, that is known to have changed wildly, either counting up or down}
Currently, this number is 666.

Note: This section will be expanded as we go through our notes and info is verified.

The 403 error message on

403 Error Page

When trying to access restricted parts of the website, a custom 403 page (found by IRC member DrSinister) displays the PWW logo, surrounded by chaotic 'stars' (?) while a text box displays a blinking ACCESS DENIED. It is unclear at this point, whether those 'stars' are some sort of cipher or simply decorative.

  • Right-Click on the 403 page: None.

404 Error Page

The ominous 404 error page on

All the pages from the Hidden Puzzle have been renamed at least thrice. People who tried to cheat by exchanging direct links to certain pages fell on a very peculiar 404 error page. This one is quite something.

It features a very strange, abstract background with graphic lines akin to sound analysis, possibly some calligraphy and black smoke around a central animated piece. Some believe this disc looks like a shield. At its center, an eye is surrounded by an heptagram, whose points hold a different glyph, save for the one at the bottom where the PWW logo appears. Several people have noted a similarity between this figure and the Seal of Babalon, from Aleister Crowley’s mystical Thelema. It is unclear whether both figures are related.

A series of 4 numbers, similar to those appearing in the Hidden Puzzle, is reproduced 6 times around the edge of the disc, each series being separated by another, smaller heptagram. Between two numbers, in line with the bottom point of the central heptagram, some people have noticed a small symbol. Initially thought to be a smaller star, it is, in fact, the logo of The Heathen Group. It is the only place where this logo is present on Parker’s website.

Above and below the central disc, two lines of unknown glyphs compose a —presumably— short text. No alphabet could be matched so far, neither any information about a possible origin. One can note, however, those are similar to the glyphs figuring on the main heptagram’s points, as well as the buttons on the Hidden Puzzle's pages.

A mysterious series of geometric symbols lies at the very bottom of the background image. It is unclear whether this is yet another cipher, some sort of code, or a design choice.

Clicking on the eye links to the site’s main page.

  • Right-Click on the 404 page reads a funny: Error 404: Right-click not found.

Second Order of Farhism

Header image on the Facebook page for the Second Order of Farhism..

On August 19th, 2016, as speculations were going on, on the IRC channel, about the meaning of the strange symbols from the 404 page, and the "soon" hidden page, member DrSinister discovered a troubling Facebook page for the Second Order of Farhism. The first thing one notices is that the profile picture is the same symbol as the one featured on the "soon" page, hidden on PWW's website. It is therefore very likely this symbol designates Farhism. The header image features a sort of cartouche inscribed with a series of symbols identical to those found both on the 404 Error Page and throughout the Hidden Puzzle. Despite being distorted, the second symbol is quite similar to that of Farhism. At this point, speculations are on as to whether it represents "Farhist", "Farha" or something else akin. There is not much info there, about that Second Order of Farhism, apart from a succinct: "Welcome to the Second Order of Farhism. We are a religious organization operating for the furtherment of knowledge and understanding of Farhist principals (sic)."

This Facebook page is declared as Church/Religious Organization. Currently, no info has been found about a farhist church, group, or cult. Some suspect this might be a branch of the mysterious Heathen Group, yet so far, no link has been factually established. We know, however, that when asked about his spiritual/religious beliefs, PWW said he is a Farhist.

The posts on the timeline are very enigmatic, to say the least. All are signed "~GKM", except for two. One, posted on August 8th, 2016 reads: "We welcome new Wright, 2-CU-69, to The Order. May Farha guide you through the Gate of Ng'arha in the East." It is signed: "~The Grand Haunt". The second, a comment —oddly posted by the Second Order of Farhism themselves— simply reads "Thank you" and is signed "~2-CU-69".

One can't help noticing the eerie similitude between 2-CU-69 and both titles of PWW's videos, 11B-X-1371 and 11B-3-1369. Although we have a theory about the meaning of the video titles (which should be posted in an update on the 11B-3-1369 wiki page) this new occurrence might shake it a bit. Research is ongoing about all this. Feel free to join and share your ideas/insights on the IRC channel.