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11B-X-1371 is the name given to a late 2015 viral video of unknown origin, derived from the plaintext of a base64 string written on a DVD sent to, the Swedish tech blog that publicized it. The segment is two minutes in length, consisting of black-and-white footage of a person wearing what appears to be a plague doctor costume walking and standing around in a dilapidated abandoned building with a forest visible through former window openings in the wall behind it. Accompanied by a soundtrack of loud, discordant buzzing noise, the masked figure holds up a hand with an irregularly blinking light. Viewers have described the experience of watching it for the first time as "creepy" and "unsettling", likening it to the experience of watching the video in the 2002 film The Ring. Messages, many in commonly used ciphers and encryption systems, have been found by using steganography on the video and spectograms in its sound, as well as disturbing images of tortured and mutilated women. Most of the messages have been decoded by participants in an ongoing Reddit thread, and the images sourced to notable murder investigations such as the Boston Strangler. They have been interpreted as implying a threat of bioterrorism against the United States, although it has also been speculated that the video is in reality a viral marketing stunt for an upcoming film or video game, or a student film. After it first came to light in October, it was found that it had been posted to YouTube several months earlier, along with a similarly threatening message in binary code. The poster of that video, known as AETBX, has suggested to inquiring journalists that GadgetZZ is not telling the truth about how it came to posses the video.

Current Efforts

A group of us are currently working on completing this puzzle on IRC. You can find us on Freenode: ##11BX1371 – Or use the webchat here:

  • 110A30213 < NEW Wiki dedicated to the research and decryption of 110A30213, released on November 5th, 2016.
  • Video 11B 3 1369 < Wiki dedicated to the research and decryption of 11B-3-1369, released on January 1st, 2016.

Location & Dates

The location was identified early on by Twitter user @Exen, as Zofiówka Sanatorium, located outside of Otwock, Poland.

The latest photographs of the building prior to filming that show the room featured in the video, were uploaded by Piotr Karwowski on the 24th March 2015. The earliest photographs post-filming, were uploaded on April 22nd 2015 by local photographer Szary Burek. When questioned, Burek stated that the date the pictures were taken was 3 days prior, on the 18th April. (Szary Burek Facebook-post)

The two sets of photographs help narrow down the filming date to be between March 24th and April 18th 2015.

Original Sources

DVD Images

So far, two DVD images have been identified. The first from and the other from 4chan. Here are the original source material and mirrors in case the originals get lost:

some additional information about the DVD-Files (used OS, used Software, Timestamps)

Other Sources

The creator of 11B–X–1371, Parker Warner Wright, posted it on his YouTube channel on September 30, 2015.


11B–X–1371 contains a multitude of puzzles embedded in the audio and video using different techniques. The puzzles vary in difficulty and abstraction. You can find them all on the dedicated page here:

Additional Details

Unpacked DVD files

DVD Metadata

Individual DVD Streams

Frame Dumps

Here is a link to all frame dumps:

Here is a frame analysis of the Gadgetzz version. [5]


The video begins with shaky footage showing a character, mostly concealed in the shadow, between two window-sized openings in a brick wall, through which trees in leaf can be seen blowing in the wind. It is accompanied by indistinct electronic buzzing and hissing sounds. The character holds their right hand to the window, signaling with three fingers, then one, and finally two.

He remains in the shadow; a jump cut shows him with cloaked arms spread, as the camera moves further away and slowly circles to the right. After another jump cut, the scene appears to be better lit, revealing that it is someone wearing an outfit which resembles a plague doctor costume. The character wears a black, long-sleeved, hooded cloak; his face is masked by a long, downward-pointing dark leather snout and goggles. He holds up his right hand, palm facing outward at shoulder height, to reveal a blinking light in the center of the palm. Beeping noises play in the soundtrack, in coordination with the blinks.

The character eventually turns to his right to look at his hand. By this time, the leaves outside are still. The character turns to look again briefly at the —now steady— camera, then back to his hand. After a series of jump cuts in which he turns rapidly back and forth between the two positions, he stares directly at the camera and points to it, in a threatening manner.

A quick cut later, he is looking at the camera again, his hands now hanging normally. After a few more jump cuts in which he turns to the right and back again, he stands still, then looks to hie left, slowly. He looks down, to a spot where several triangular figures accompanied by dots, appear. He then looks to his right, as the image seems to fragment briefly. For the remainder of the video, the character stands still, his back toward the wall, as the camera is apparently handheld again, and occasional video effects briefly double the image.


On October 12, 2015, John-Erik "Johny" Krahblicher, founding editor of the Swedish tech blog GadgetZZ, wrote an article about a "creepy puzzle" that was sent to him in the mail earlier, sometime in June. The envelope with no return address —postmarked in Warsaw and addressed to "Johny K.", at the site's P.O. box in Helsingborg— contained "a really weird CD" (in fact, a DVD). On it was written an alphanumeric string, long enough to require two lines. At first, Jhony assumed it was a product key, thinking it was some software someone had sent him, to review. He decided to have a look at it using a spare laptop, and thus found the video. "I was unsure what to think of it, but I found it very odd," he later told the 'Washington Post'. "I later reexamined it and started noticing the 'codes' and letters hidden all around the video."

After making a minimal effort to decode it himself, he gave up and posted about it on his blog, complete with images of the disc and envelope. He also posted a link to the "r/creepy" subreddit, where participants began attempting to decode it. A few days later, Gizmodo ran a story on this discovery.

Potential Creators




The Redditors who responded to Krahbichler's post quickly found other coded messages hidden in the video. The inscription on the disc itself was found to be "11B-X-1371" in base64, which eventually came to be treated as the video's title.[12] Another user created a spectrogram of the sound and found both text and images concealed within. The former had one in plaintext saying "You Are Already Dead"; the rest were enciphered. The images depicted women being mutilated and tortured; early fears that they might be victims of a serial killer were allayed when later research discovered that most were stills from obscure horror films and one was a victim of the Boston Strangler.[10]

Most messages had a generally threatening tone. A sound spectrogram of the DVD's menu yielded a picture of a skull and more coded messages. The binary title of AETBX's YouTube posting was "Muerte", Spanish for "death", and the description similarly resolved to Spanish text—"Te queda 1 año menos", rendered in English as "you have one year left, or less."[9] The triangle-and-square message near the end of the video was found to read "Ad oppugnare homines" in Pigpen cipher—Latin for "To attack or target men."[6]

Single-frame inserts were found to have Morse code and other texts in common ciphers. The Morse's plaintext was the phrase "RED LIPSLIKE TENTH". A sequence of 20 pairs of two-digit characters was found to be the latitude and longitude of the White House in Washington; it was later noted that if a single character were changed to account for a possible error, the "RED LIPS" phrase was an anagram for ""KILL THE PRESIDENT". Overlaid visual characters throughout were found to spell out "Strike an arrow through the heart of the eagle." A text in Wingdings promised that "a new order will rise ... 13 an[d] 50 will burn," numbers seen as referencing the U.S. flag.[13] Another sequence needed no decoding; it was a four-move checkmate in algebraic notation.[14] These were seen as a threat against the United States in general and President Barack Obama in particular.[15]

The plague doctor costume led other readers to see the video's threats as related to bioterror. One message's plaintext read "The eagle=infected will spread his disease. We are the antivirus will protect the world body." The year 1371, it was also suggested, was one in which the Black Death was ravaging Europe.[16]

By the end of October, all but two of the messages in or related to the video had been decoded. The first undeciphered text was a group of four three-character groups, two numbers followed by a letter, the numbers corresponding to the letter's position in the alphabet. Three accompany the hand gestures near the beginning and the other is later in the video. It has been speculated that these may refer to rotor settings on an Enigma machine. The other unbroken message, a group of three-and four-letter strings in four columns and six rows, may not be able to be solved due to poor resolution of some of the letters and the inability of what remains legible to yield even a partial result.[6]

Video Title Theory


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