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Johny-Erik Krahbichler is the CEO of GadgetZZ, the company to which the DVD with the video was sent. He posted the video and some puzzles on both GadgetZZ's blog and on Reddit, where he asked for help to decipher the puzzles after, according to himself, giving up trying to do so after minimal effort was put into it.

Many questions have been raised by those that came across this puzzle, not least the reason why it was sent to a relatively unknown tech blog. Aetbx, the Youtube user that uploaded a modified, watermarked, version of the video on Youtube, has suggested to inquiring journalists that Johny Krahbichler's statements about how he came to possess the video may not be accurate. Many have opined that Johny might be behind the creation of this video, and many have stated, at least, the following set of possible reasons for that - some not mutually exclusive: to increase traffic on his website - whether it be simple monetary reasons or for notoriety, which in itself might open some doors in his life in the future; because he might be pulling a prank on viewers, for various reasons; that this might be, at least in part, a student project, given that Krahbichler is a student of Computer Science; some have pointed out that he has shown, in the past, an interest in cognitive biases and have derived their suspicions from that fact also; and the list goes on and on.

No evidence supporting any of these claims has presented itself so far. However, due to the facts stated above, many still assign some weight to the possibility that the CEO of GadgetZZ is, somehow, behind all this.

IRC Interview

18 December 2015

Additional files: Skull Date Error Proof

Other additional files from Johnny's server where provided to d0gMa, but requested that they do not go on the wiki as they are private. d0gMa has viewed these images and multiple uploads appear to suffer from the same dating error.