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Aetbx is the nickname of the Spanish Youtube user, Daniel Ródenas, who uploaded the most well-known version of this video to Youtube. His version is slightly modified, as evidenced by the introduction of his own watermark on it and the fact that it is missing some frames.

He has stated that he came to possess the video when a girl uploaded it on the internet for a group of people (most likely the 4chan post), after having found it on a bench on a park. Daniel claims to have merely uploaded it to Youtube due to the fact that he wanted to share something he found interessting. He seemed suprised with all the attention the video had suddenly gathered due to the fact that, despite it having been uploaded in the 9th of May and having spent months with a low view count, there was a sudden wave of traffic that flooded his video around October. He posted a comment on his own video, wondering what might have triggered it. Ródenas has also cast some doubts on GadgetZZ's statements on how the tech blog came to possess the video, and he has stated several times that he is not the creator of the video he uploaded to Youtube.

However, some cast doubts on his claims. For one, the fact that he has not only cast any doubt to the seemingly absurd story of a girl having found the DVD whilist sitting on a park bench, but has also repeated it several times - presumingly taking at face value or purposefully conceiling by going along with the story, despite it's apparent spurious nature. On the other hand, Daniel has also fanned the flames somewhat with his own tweets, every now and then. Nevertheless, it appears most around this puzzle seem to think he is probably just having fun with the newfound attention and that he is not, in fact, the creator of the video.