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110A30213 is the title of the third video released by Parker Warner Wright on November 5th, 2016.

After a brief 10-note musical intro sounding like an old 78RPM recording, a man wearing a leather mask and dressed up in a military-like, NAVY outfit, marches inside a long deserted building. A logo constituted of a bird holding a Farhist glyph inside a circle appears on the screen. The bird’s tail is made of the fletching of an arrow, the broadhead piercing through the bird’s head itself.

In the next sequence, the character stands on a wall, outdoors, where he delivers a speech in an unknown language, to a rapturous crowd. Another speech sequence, this time shot indoors, is superimposed on the former. The character paces the wall, delivering an impassionated speech, which, together with his body language, chillingly brings to mind that of European dictators from both WWI and WWII.

About midway through, a whole sequence shows the character facing the camera, as he is showing a series of seven cards to the viewer. The speech continues until the end of the video, where the character seems to acknowledge the invisible, ecstatic crowd, from the top of the building.

110A30213 ends with the character performing three gestures with his arms, as the same music from the beginning plays the outro.

The video description on YouTube reads: 'This is the beginning'.

Latest News

The ##11BX1371 IRC group is currently working on all the ciphers and codes found in 110A30213. Further updates will be published as decryption progresses.
If you are interested to help and work with us, come visit the IRC ##11BX1371 and introduce yourself to any available Admin there: Cyphere, Dtty, or IAmDW.
Follow us on Twitter: 11B_IRC and Facebook: 11B.IRC].

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110A30213 presents no resemblance in its structure with both previous videos, 11B-X-1371 and 11B-3-1369. So far, we do not know the meaning of this title, or what it may refer to.

Contrary to what some people think, it is unlikely 110A30213 is the third part of 11B. If we consider that the main character isn’t the same as the one featured in both previous videos, and as suggested by both the insignia, at the beginning of the video, as well as the armband worn by the character —both featuring farhist symbols— 110A30213 seems to point more towards farhism, and, possibly, the Second Order of Farhism.

When asked on Facebook whether this video is a personal commentary, as a farhist, or was it commissioned by the Second Order of Farhism, Parker's response was: That is a good question indeed. Thank you!


110A30213 was shot in Ciechanów, located about 102km north of Warsaw. “Before World War II, Ciechanów was home to a large Jewish community. During the Nazi occupation, the majority of Jewish people were transported north-east of town to Czerwony Bór (Red Forest) and murdered by gunfire." The building itself, known as Chłodnia Ciechanów, used to be a cold storage facility that was shut down back in the 80s following a chemical leak. Since then, it has been abandoned and became a spot where homeless people are able to stay.

Stills from 110A30213 showing the furniture storage, a water tank, and a factory chimney.
SOLVEDFound by AjZZ; Ater; Azi; D2691E; klusek; Logicx

Logicx, from the ##11BX1371 IRC group, identified a logo painted on one of the buildings surrounding the shooting's location as Strefa P̵łyt (2:38:04), a brand of board furniture and building panels. That piece of information, together with the water tank (2:32:23) and a factory chimney (2:35:12) proved very helpful. Last but not least, the team from the urbex group Remains Of The Past also recognized the place, since they explored it, a few years ago. A video from that trip — Chłodnia Ciechanów - zwiedzanie — can be found on their YouTube channel.

Audio | Steganography

The soundtrack of 110A30213 is composed of a short musical intro, followed by a speech with a cheering crowd. It ends with the same series of notes from the beginning. As with the previous videos, the audio track is loaded with hidden elements.

Musical Intro/Outro

PENDING BloodninjaFox; Vulgr

This very brief piece of classical is unidentified for now. Its sound is reminiscent of ancient 78rpm gramophone records.


PENDING AjZZ; BloodninjaFox; IAmDW; Tru3F0x; Vulgr

Several people believe the character’s speech might be either Backmasking or reverse backward recording, in English. Phonetic reversal is also explored. Nevertheless, some native English speakers disagree with that hypothesis. If some words sounding like you, for example, can be heard, most the speech remains unintelligible. Despite certain claims seen here and there online, this speech is not in Russian, Polish, or any Slavik language, either. Audio engineering analysis is still ongoing.

There is a very interesting detail concerning the cheering crowd that can be heard throughout the character’s discourse. This portion of the audio seems to sound identical when played backward, which makes it an eerie Phonetic palindrome. This could explain some patterns that are visible in the spectrogram, forming mirrored frequencies.

Goats & Babies

FOUND by Vulgr

As if the video’s imagery itself and the speech’s tone were not creepy enough, an extra layer of audio is embedded throughout the video. One can hear a weird background sound similar to that of roller coaster carriage; people screaming and babies crying can also be heard, together with a sporadic ... goat. An extracted audio file is available, here.


110A30213 spectrogram / both channels, extracted from the audio of the HD video file received by @Cyphere.

The spectrogram generated from the audio of 110A30213 is quite an uncanny piece. Unlike the previous audios from both 11B videos, this one does not appear —at this point of our research— to hold any code woven into it. However, the analysis is still ongoing. The lower half features really nice frequency patterns, some of which are mirrored. The upper half features two photographs and one painting —each representing a naked woman— as well as five different symbols.

Channel 1

FOUND by IAmDW; Vulgr; Singularity
The first woman (left) bears a large symbol on her belly, resembling an inverted cross mixed with a sort of question mark. This symbol has not been identified, yet. Two other symbols are traced on each her thighs. Unfortunately, those cannot be properly made out due to the high-frequency artifacts obstructing them. Her arms seem to be tied above her head. Between her legs, a crucifix is inserted into her vagina. It turns out this image is a still from a horror porn video titled The Crucifix [nsfw] featuring an appropriately named Victoria Sin.
The second woman is sitting blindfolded, with her hands behind her back. The author of that photograph is unknown: this picture is present only on a few websites, without credit. Behind the woman, the lower left point of an inverted pentagram can be seen. This pentagram is the classical Sigil of Baphomet. Further up, the design of the card #5 — #See also|4.6.2 Cards section — can be seen as well.
Lastly, the third image has been identified as a painting by Walter Sickert, titled Seated Nude, Paris, 1906. If the painting itself does not seem to hold anything special, Sickert’s story —or rather, the whole myth around it— is quite interesting, however.
Sickert was fascinated by the crimes of Jack The Ripper. He even did a painting titled Jack the Ripper’s Bedroom, c. 1907. Since the mid-seventies, a few books have been published, pushing a claim that Walter Sickert either was Jack The Ripper, or his accomplice, leading to the emergence of conspiracy theories and other such misinformation —nowadays known as "alternative facts"— on the subject. This claim was obliterated as “fantasy” in the article on Sickert featured in the 2004 edition of the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.

Channel 2

FOUND by Vulgr; Herodotus; Singularity
A unicursal hexagram stands in the upper middle part of the second channel spectrogram. Contrary to what some people have claimed, this is not the unicursal hexagram from Aleister Crowley’s Thelema. The branches for the four elements are different, and there is no five-petal rose at the center, figuring an inverted pentagram. Therefore, as a simple hexagram, this figure bears a different symbolism; it is considered a variant of the Seal of Solomon. Considering previous references to Jewish people and/or history —including in this video— it is unclear why an hexagram was chosen instead of a Star of David.
Below that figure, we have what appears to be four Hebraic characters. The first one (from left), due to its angle, was speculated to be a Dalet (ר), a final Kaph (ך) or a final Nun (ן). The way its stem reaches the descender line, together with its short upper part, slightly tilted upwards, would make ן the best candidate, however.
The second character is the letter Yod.
The last two characters are a bit more tricky because they do not match any Hebraic letter, nor any diacritic. Nevertheless, bringing both parts together, we obtain the letter Aleph.
Eventually, we end up with the word אין (right to left: aleph–yod–nun). אין ("ayn" or "ein" ; pronounced eɪn) means nothing, in Hebrew, in the sense of "non-existent" or "non-manifested". As noted by Herodotus, אין is also the term used in the Zohar —an ancient fairy tale book— as a short version for Ein Sof, meaning "the nameless being"; more precisely it represents the Abrahamic god, before the creation of the universe... Why would אין be juxtaposed with an hexagram remains a complete mystery.

Video Ciphers & Codes

Phoenix Insignia

Phoenix extracted from 110A30213.
SOLVED by Cyphere; D2691E; Nightsteed; Vulgr

The opening sequence of 110A30213 features a white phoenix, whose rich renewal symbolism makes it an immortal creature that could live more than 1000 years, die in self-combustion and be reborn. This notion of birth/rebirth seems also present in the symbol on the bird's chest, reminiscent of the Vesica Piscis, itself commonly representative of the female genitalia in sacred geometry.

This phoenix appears to be a modified version of a royalty free vector image. Unlike the original, and in addition to the detail mentioned above, the one in the video shows an altered eye and roughed up edges. Over its legs, there is a circle containing the symbol for Farhism featured initially on the Second Order of Farhism Facebook page. Since 110A30213 was released, that page presents an alternate version of the phoenix, in flames.

Digit Cipher

Frame #0125 showing the
"Digit Cipher" from 110A30213.

00:04:23 > 00:05:03 / Frames #0121–0125

PENDING Dtty; Tru3F0x

The first cipher in 110A30213 appears very briefly at TC 00:04:23. It consists of three string of 25 digits followed by two strings of 24 digits, totaling 123 digits. At this point, we do not know whether the line breaks are relevant or not. It could be the case if some columnar transposition is taking place, but it could also be one single string, arranged as is, for legibility. Several approaches are currently underway.


Blackletter Cipher

"Blackletter Cipher" from 110A30213, spanning briefly over frames #0384–0395.

00:15:22 > 00:16:10 / Frames #0384–0395

PENDING AjZZ; BloodninjaFox; Hhkjh; IAmDW; Tru3F0x

This cipher is composed in a Blackletter typeface, hence its eponymous name. This particular font is a Fraktur style that was used a lot, initially, in Nazi Germany, until January 3, 1941, when Martin Bormann declared Fraktur, and Sütterlin-based handwriting, to be "Judenlettern" (Jewish letters). Thus, their use was prohibited.

Interestingly, the Fraktur typeface is still in use to this day, in mathematical notation.

The Blackletter Cipher is set on three lines comprising a total of 56 characters —including one capital letter, and a colon— distributed as 20; 18; 18. It has not been decrypted yet.




Text Cipher

00:51:18 > 00:52:01 ; 00:58:13 > 00:59:01 ; 02:25:12 > 02:25:17
Frames #1245–1252 ; #1408–1420; #3297–3502

PENDING AjZZ; As2o3; Hhkjh; IAmDW; Tru3F0x

Despite being displayed in parts, we regrouped those lines of text together. Due to the fact they feature the same typeface, it is likely they are parts of the same text. Although different from the Fraktur used in the Blackletter Cipher, this more modern typeface still belongs to the blackletter category.

The first line of text reads:
Text cipher appearing on frames #1245–1252.
Ral hy yht my mpl ral hy nh hr nym fmnl yht iheehm ihp fl nmy

The second text reads:
Text cipher appearing on frames #1408–1420.
Plsdhyhyn ljhy x yamee nmralpln ral

yht myn rh yemtnarlp ralpl
yhrahyn smy ihp my ptyy yhtp x mlpl

rh mlmd mlpl rh yht fmnl m

The third text reads:
Text cipher appearing on frames #3297–3502.
Chdl hi yht nl yallj eln x yht yhtpqlevly
hy yht nl fmnl mlpl ptelp

Diamonds Cipher

Frame #1578 from 110A30213 showing the "Diamonds Cipher".

01:05:15 / Frame #1578

PENDING AjZZ; as2o3; hhkjh; simorgh

Hidden in the video, one single frame (#1578) shows 15 rows of star/diamond-shaped elements. It is unlikely this cipher may be some sort of ternary or tap code, as we encountered previously in 11B-3-13169. We believe this cipher might be a longer form of those discreetly featured on the first issue of Wright Times —in the form of separators— as well as at least one other image, from a hidden page on pwwright.com. The same kind of diamonds also appears around the PWW logo, on his website's 403 page. So far, this cipher is unsolved. Different leads are currently being explored, including a Musical cryptogram.

NFC Tag & Cards


01:22:01 / Frame #1972

SOLVED by Ater; AjZZ; Azi; Cyphere; D2691E; Klusek
NFC Tag on frame #1972, at the beginning of the cards sequence in 110A30213.

Shortly after 110A30213 was released, the video frames were analyzed. Several members from ##11BX1371 noticed that right before the card sequence begins at the 01:22 mark, one frame displays a circular design in the upper left corner of the screen. IRC user Ater identified it as a design commonly used for NFC tags. Near Field Communication allows for two devices in close proximity to communicate with one another. Commonly, a smartphone will pick up the tag signal, whose information will be displayed on the device's screen.

A picture of an NFC tag itself cannot transmit any information, obviously. Since as such it serves no purpose embedding it in a video, we started speculating that this single frame was a hint to actually find a physical tag, in real life. Not only that, we were also hopeful to perhaps find a USB key with an HD version of the video. The reason for this is that YouTube's transcoding/compression algorithm is so downright awful that the frames holding certain ciphers are but impossible to make out.

On November 5th, the day 110A30213 was released, IRC Admin Cyphere received a package from Parker Warner Wright, in the mail. People supporting PWW on Patreon —as Cyphere does— have reported they received certain perks from Parker, in the mail. However, this package Cyphere received was like no other. The postage stamp reads Warszawa, Poland, 27.10.2016. Aside from a personal, handwritten note and an autographed picture, the package actually contained one of the cards displayed in the video. The card is wrapped in a clear plastic, with an NFC tag on it, and a handwritten mark, reading 2:6. Last but not least, a small USB key featuring the Farhist glyph —identical to that of the character's armband in 110A30213, as well as the main logo that was used on the Second Order of Farhism Facebook page— was also enclosed. It holds a 1.6GB high definition file of the video.

When reading the tag, the following URL was displayed on Cyphere's smartphone screen: youtube.com/watch?v=9hl9P73j370. This link directs to a Minced Meet YouTube account holding the 110A30213 video, that was uploaded on October 23, 2016 — i.e. 13 days prior public release. This is still unclear why. Moreover, another message was also caught a bit later, this time from another NFC tag, hidden inside the card itself:

The human must forever refrain from engaging in sex with a god of Hyperyu.

If the human ever perform such act, in any respect, their soul will be immediately destroyed,

such that they may never again enter the highest realms.


01:22:01 > 01:35:20 / Frames # 1972–2303

SOLVED by Ater; AjZZ; Azi; Cyphere; D2691E; Klusek
Two expeditions were organized to explore the building at Ciechanów. On November 8th, two cards were found (marked 1:6 and 4:6). Two days later, a third card was found (marked 3:6) — this exploration is documented in this video on the right, produced by the urbex team Remains of the Past.

Despite the consistent marking suggesting 6 cards were hidden, no other were found. When asked if the two remaining cards —5:6 and 6:6— may have been left at the locations where 11B-X-1371 and 11B-3-1369 were shot, PWW denied it. He said those were sent —as Cyphere's— to two "undisclosed recipients". To our knowledge, nobody seems to have come forward about those, so far.

It has to be noted that the video sequence from TC 01:22:02 to 01:35:20 actually displays seven cards, not six. That seventh card was neither found nor —it would seem— sent to anybody. It is possible a cipher payload will hint us to it, as we progress with decryption. However, it is equally possible the meaning of that seventh card remains completely unknown.

Each card found on location is wrapped in plastic and bears an NFC tag on it, which contains the link to 110A30213 on the Minced Meet YouTube account. All cards —like Cyphere's— also hold another hidden tag, each featuring a specific text, relative to the card's meaning. Unsurprisingly, the design on the back of the cards is identical on each of them.

Card # IRC Member Date External NFC Tag Hidden NFC Text
1:6 Klusek 2016-11-08 Minced Meet YouTube Channel
The action card “I.”
More precisely, who is the subject and/or object of the action,
given the order in which the card is drawn. If this card
is drawn first, “I” is the object. Should this card be drawn
second, “I” is the subject. In which cases it is drawn twice,
the action is performed on oneself.
2:6 @Cyphere 2016-11-06 The human must forever refrain from engaging in sex with a god of Hyperyu.
If the human ever perform [sic] such act, in any respect,
their soul will be immediately destroyed, such that they may
never again enter the highest realms.
3:6 AjZZ
2016-11-11 The action card "You."
More precisely, who is the subject and/or object of the action,
given the order in which the card is drawn.
If this card is drawn first, "You" is the object.
Should this card be drawn second, "You" is the subject.
In which cases it is drawn twice, the action is performed
by the another, [sic] on theirself. [sic]
4:6 D2691E
2016-11-08 The sword of S’alafh (S’alafh: Key Holder of Strength and Dignity)
Farha was born fully robed in armor made of black gold,
with a balance scale in her right hand,
and the sword of S’alafh, in her left.
5:6 n/a Unknown Unknown Unknown
6:6 n/a Unknown Unknown Unknown
7 n/a Unknown Unknown This card appears in the video @ 01:33:08.

QR Grid Cipher

00:01:37:05 | Frame #2336

SOLVED by Bloodninjafox; IAmDW

A crossword-like grid flashes briefly on one single frame at the 1:37 mark. Considering its structure, two things stood out: 1) the fact at least some words could easily be completed indicated this was a plain text, not a cipher; 2) a large number of occurrences of the letter 'X' were good candidates for spaces.

Detail of frame #2336 - Filled out text

Protocols Text

The first attempt did not prove very conclusive due to the poor quality of the initial frame we worked on, as it came from the video posted on YouTube (See NFC Tag, §2). As soon as we were able to work from the HD video file received by Cyphere, it did not take long to uncover the text, as seen below.

QR Code Text


Original Text

We must be in a position to respond to every act of opposition by war with the neighbors of that country which dares to oppose us:
but if these neighbors should also venture to stand collectively together against us, then we must offer resistance by a universal war.

The principal factor of success in the political is the secrecy of its undertakings: the word should not agree with the deeds of the diplomat.

We must compel the governments of the GOYIM to take action in the direction favored by our widely conceived plan, already approaching
the desired consummation, by what we shall represent as public opinion, secretly
promoted by us through the means of that so-called

Note: the word "OPPOSITION" is missing, and "GOVERNMENT" is singular, instead of plural as in the original text. Right now, it is unclear whether those are intended omissions or not.

This is an —incomplete— extract of the infamous antisemitic forgery, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion describing an alleged Jewish plan for global domination. Despite having been exposed as soon as 1921, as a total fraud, The Protocols was used by Nazis in their propaganda against the Jews, and even taught as factual to German schoolchildren. Since its first publication in Russia in 1903, and in the face of all the evidence clearly demonstrating it is a hoax, The Protocols is still presented as a genuine document by conspiracy theorists and racist idiots.

QR Code

SOLVED by BloodninjaFox; IAmDW;

The structure of this cipher evoking that of a QR Code, two approaches were worked simultaneously. The first (positive), was to black out every letter on the original puzzle; the second (negative), to black out every blank space. When both were scanned, the positive version, gave the following link:


Deep Web Image

SOLVED by AjZZ; Dtty; IAmDW; Tru3F0x; Vulgr

The link above, as with all .onion URLs, is only accessible on the Deep Web, via the Tor network. This URL, displays the first image below. The letter D is visible at the upper right corner, and the letter A, at the bottom left corner. As innocuous as that 173KB image may apparently look, it does hold a massive amount of information.

Nug-Soth alphabet from Lovecraft's Necronomicon.

Inverting the image, then adjusting the levels and curves, reveals a central symbol, reminiscent of sacred geometry. Based on a classic Vesica Piscis figure forming a central eye, two triangles —one of which is not equilateral, for some reason— rest both on each side of the eye, and its pupil, respectively. [A thorough analysis of this figure is currently underway and will be added here].

Below the letter D, other letters appear vertically, composing the word DESCEND. At the bottom left corner, above the letter A, other letters form the word ASCEND, when read backward. A series of pigpen-looking characters is also present, forming an angle with each word. The quality of the image made it very difficult to figure out the actual glyphs.

On January 14th, however, the Second Order of Farhism posted an unscrambled version of the .onion picture.

Thanks to the perspicacity of C.P.S. IAmDW, those glyphs initially thought to be a Pigpen cipher were eventually matched with the Nug-Soth cipher alphabet, from H.P. Lovecraft's Al Azif, The Cipher Manuscript known as Necronomicon.

Once decoded, the cipher at the bottom left corner reads: WITH DIVINITY ; the one at the upper right corner reads: YTINAMOHNI HTIW (backwards: WITH INHOMANITY). The typo in inhumanity —where O is used in lieu of V/U— may or may not be voluntary. Until we get confirmation, we will go with the correct spelling, however.

Together with both previous words, we obtain the sentence:


File Name

Although questions were raised about the file name, in the .onion URL —61472177742.jpg— and its possible significance, it appears to be random. In fact, the twlba5j7oo5g4kj5 site is a deep web image hosting service, much like its clearnet pendants such as Imgur, and the likes.


SOLVED by AjZZ; Dtty; Tru3F0x; Vulgr

The EXIF and HEX data extracted from the image contain the following relevant info. Now, buckle up, because this is going to flood a lot of conspiracy theorists' jizzy-rags. The creation date for the image appears to be August 15, 2016, at 6:06:06 AM. If this almost subliminal 666 isn't suspicious enough, the GPS coordinates lead to a building in Manhattan, located at 666 Park Avenue, which just so happen to be the address listed in the first issue of Wright Times. But wait, there is more. Considering we also have some satanic imagery in the spectrogram, this calls for an increase in temperature. It would probably make Hell eerily air-conditioned, in comparison. Assuredly, this is the kind of thing that would keep a narcoleptic awake for weeks. Except not.

This underlying narrative appears to complement the broader commentary in quite an interesting way. This section will be updated as we gather all the pieces together.

# Software /Method Timestamp
1 Exif Tool 2016:08:15 06:06:06 40º46'5.92" N, 73º57'58.52" W The veil is black to the blind.
2 XMP Raw Data 2016-08-15 T06:06:06 40,46.0987N, 73,57.9754W* n/a
3 XMP GPS Data n/a 40° 46' 5.922" N, 73° 57' 58.524" W Camera Location
4 File Information
Mac OS X
2016-08-15T06:06:06 40.7683, -73.9663 n/a
5 Preview
Mac OS X
Aug 15, 2016, 6:06:06 AM 40° 46' 5.922" N, 73° 57' 58.524" W n/a
6 Hex Fiend 2016:08:15 06:06:06 n/a The veil is black to the blind.
(*) This set of coordinates is a bit tricky and takes us, relative to its formatting, either to two other different locations in New York City, or in the Kara-Kulja District, Kyrgyzstan.

Outguess Data: QR Code & Digit Cipher

PENDING AjZZ; Dtty; Herodotus; Tru3F0x

Aside from suspicious fuzzy pixels in the image, once levels are tweaked, some of the Hex data also looked a bit unusual. So, the image was analyzed for possible steganographic encryption. As suspected, Tru3F0x ended up with the following:



Steganographic QR Code extracted from the .onion image as a B64 code.

The first part, easily recognizable as Base 64 encoding, decrypts as unintelligible. However, the first three characters from the payload reading "PNG" are a clear hint the code is, in fact, a .png image. Once the original Base 64 code is converted, the following image of another QR Code is uncovered. When scanned, this second QR Code reveals this text:

∴ Hell0 Neophyte ∴

Gaze into the fire, blind matter!
Oh Ng’arha, keeper of the gate!
Nia-Tsae, everything springs and returns to it.
Magnum Opus, the Black Gold,
light your journey upon the waves!
Listen to her voice,
Ars Nebulae, Silentium Mortis.

By Aglam Li Laever.

The first thing we notice is the very unusual usage of . This glyph, commonly used as notation at the end of a syllogism, or mathematical proof, is also in use by certain secret societies for abbreviation purposes. Its origin goes back to 1774, when the practice was started by the unrecognized Grand Orient of France. Masons at that time were sometimes known as Three Points Brothers — in reference of their accomplishment of the first three degrees, allowing them to use after their initials. Then it was also used by other mystical societies such as the Rosicrucians or Aleister Crowley's AA. In any case, this notation always referring to an abbreviation, it is quite unclear what it represents here. The spelling of Hell0 featuring a zero instead of an O, is also unusual, yet it was also used on the first issue of Wright Times, by Parker. It may be an idiosyncracy... or something else we are not aware of.

Although a Facebook post, dated August 8th, 2016 also holds the name Gate of Ng'arha which appears in the text above, too, it is unclear, what this name may refer to. The same goes for the Chinese sounding Nia-Tsae.

Considering what we currently know about the Second Order of Farhism, the Latin sentence Ars Nebulae, Silentium Mortis could stand for The Art of Nebulosity, a silent death (or "a silence of death"). The signature, however, is rather confusing. Aglam Li Laever, if read backwards, gives Reveal il malga. If reveal is quite obvious, the Italian il malga remains mysterious. According to two of our Italian friends, Herodotus and Tru3F0x, "[il malga] is a really old word. It is not commonly used; it defines a summer pasture, specifically in the mountains near the Alps. It may also refer to a summer cabin typically used by shepherds, that would include a dairy space and a stable." Furthermore, malga is a feminine name, which conflicts with the masculine article il instead of the expected la. This might be a typo.

The second part is a long string of digits, similar to the Digits Cipher featured at the beginning of 110A30213. As for that one, work on decryption is underway.

The third part indicates a signature. The codename 2-CU-69 was first spotted on the Facebook page of the Second Order of Farhism, back in August, when this new member was welcomed in the Order. So far, we do not know what this code, attributed to "Wrights" note to come may actually mean.

4Chan Thread

PENDING AjZZ; Herodotus; IAmDW; Tru3F0x

A Google search on the name Aglam Li Laever brings up a thread on 4Chan that was opened in x/Paranormal on October 31st 2016. The title of the post reads Mors principium est (Death is the beginning), and Aglam Li Laever appears as the author of the post, as they did for text from the .onion image. This time, Let the Tidal Speech beget! is the only text in that post.

A strange photograph, taken in a graveyard, titled mortis.png is also attached. It features someone in a hoodie pointing to a large symbol, painted in orange, on the vault itself. That symbol closely resembles the one displayed on the .onion picture, yet it is not identical. At the bottom right corner, the .onion URL from the QR Code in 110A30213 is written upside down. An interesting detail is that the plaque at the bottom right, which reads QUADRA 22, appears to be a reference system for plots in graveyards, in Brazil. This would suggest the photograph was taken there... The photograph looks like a double exposure and seems to be divided into 8 parts.

Upon further inspection, the Hex data contains the following line: tEXtArtist 69|P Y tEXtComment orbisque mortis.
The meaning of this line is uncertain. The Latin orbisque mortis, it could translate to world of death or world of the dead, thus making sense narratively, as it rekindles the same idea as PWW's infamous YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD (from 11B-X-1371) and DEAD IN MIRROR (from 11B-3-1369) for example. However, it is unclear why some uppercase stand out there, and 69|P Y does not obey any codename rule we have encountered, so far.

Arms Signal

00:02:40:10 > 00:02:49:12 | Frames #3948–4071

UNCONFIRMED as2o3; hhkjh; Azi

The last few seconds of the video feature the character, in rear view, performing three gestures that match semaphore signals. However, the meaning of this sequence may not be so obvious.

Arms signal, rear view. To be interpreted, semaphore signals must be considered front view.

Since semaphore signals are read facing the person executing the gestures, the correct signal sequence is: __| |__ __| (||) which translates to: P J P (Rest signal). This is quite odd because PJP is very similar to PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), an encryption system in use for both cryptographic privacy and authentication. At this point, we do not know whether the mis-signal of the J is intentional or not. And now, this is where things get tricky and... nebulous.

Back in January 2016, the Urbex team Remains of The Past released a video —shot during the hunt for the USB keys from 11B-3-1369— that takes us to both Zofiówka and Falenica, where 11B-X-1371 and 11B-3-1369 were shot, respectively. The very uncanny thing is the end of that video shows one of the guys performing the exact sequence of signals as in 110A30213, also shot in rear view. According to Azi, a member of Remains of The Past, they decided to include that little tongue-in-cheek sequence, in reference to a video game called Bloodborne. In the game, that specific gesture means Make Contact.

Still according to Azi: "I'm not like clinging to my theory, but I feel like we accomplished somewhat our goal which was to make contact. We didn't expect him [PWW] to do this, of all people. We thought that it would stay in urbex circles and have a potential to become a viral gimmick, done in places where you have a good view of the surroundings, such as on a rooftop or platforms".

We have witnessed Parker's sense of (dark) humor and stingy sarcasm countless times. It could be, indeed, that he chose to include this 'wink' as a 'message received', but it is a bit hard to swallow. We will update when we figure this out.

Cursive Cipher

00:02:48:09 > 00:02:49:03 | Frames #4044-4061

PENDING IAmDW; Herodotus; Tru3F0x; Vulgr

During the Arms Signal sequence above, a short cursive-like cipher appears on the right of the screen, scrolling up.

Cursive cipher scrolling vertically, at the end of 110A30213. Shown here rotated 90º counterclockwise.

The series of cursive letters seems to be some form of old German script. So far, it is likely we are dealing with a Kurrent script. Research is underway. This section will be updated accordingly.


TC 02:40:00 > 02:49:13


During the last nine seconds of the video, a timecode appears at the bottom right of the video. The first legible mark is 00:00:06:63. Counting runs until the 00:01:22:71 mark. In this interval, a pattern of increments is to be noted in frames and seconds. It is unknown, at this point, whether this specific timecode, independent from the video's entire duration holds any cryptographic encoding, or not. Different types of timecodes exist, however. So, currently, a few options are being looked into.

00:00:06:30  00:00:06:63  00:00:06:97
00:00:07:30  00:00:07:63  00:00:07:97
00:00:08:30  00:00:08:63  00:00:08:97
00:00:09:30  00:00:09:63  00:00:09:97
00:00:10:30  00:00:10:64  00:00:10:97
00:00:11:30  00:00:11:64  00:00:11:97
00:00:12:30  00:00:12:64  00:00:12:97
00:00:13:30  00:00:13:64  00:00:13:97
00:00:14:31  00:00:14:64  00:00:14:97
00:00:15:31  00:00:15:64  00:00:15:97
00:00:16:31  00:00:16:64  00:00:16:98
00:00:17:31  00:00:17:64  00:00:17:98
00:00:18:31  00:00:18:64  00:00:18:98
00:00:19:31  00:00:19:64  00:00:19:98
00:00:20:31  00:00:20:65  00:00:20:98
00:00:21:31  00:00:21:65  00:00:21:98
00:00:22:31  00:00:22:65  00:00:22:98
00:00:23:31  00:00:23:65  00:00:23:98
00:00:24:32  00:00:24:65  00:00:24:98
00:00:25:32  00:00:25:65  00:00:25:98
00:00:26:32  00:00:26:65  00:00:26:99
00:00:27:32  00:00:27:65  00:00:27:99
00:00:28:32  00:00:28:65  00:00:28:99
00:00:29:32  00:00:29:65  00:00:29:99
00:00:30:32  00:00:30:66  00:00:30:99
00:00:31:32  00:00:31:66  00:00:31:99
00:00:32:32  00:00:32:66  00:00:32:99
00:00:33:32  00:00:33:66  00:00:33:99
00:00:34:33  00:00:34:66  00:00:34:99
00:00:35:33  00:00:35:66  00:00:35:99
00:00:36:33  00:00:36:66  00:00:37:00
00:00:37:33  00:00:37:66  00:00:38:00
00:00:38:33  00:00:38:66  00:00:39:00
00:00:39:33  00:00:39:66  00:00:40:00
00:00:40:33  00:00:40:67  00:00:41:00
00:00:41:33  00:00:41:67  00:00:42:00
00:00:42:33  00:00:42:67  00:00:43:00
00:00:43:33  00:00:43:67  00:00:44:00
00:00:44:34  00:00:44:67  00:00:45:00
00:00:45:34  00:00:45:67  00:00:46:00
00:00:46:34  00:00:46:67  00:00:47:01
00:00:47:34  00:00:47:67  00:00:48:01
00:00:48:34  00:00:48:67  00:00:49:01
00:00:49:34  00:00:49:67  00:00:50:00
00:00:50:34  00:00:50:68  00:00:51:01
00:00:51:34  00:00:51:68  00:00:52:01
00:00:52:34  00:00:52:68  00:00:53:01
00:00:53:34  00:00:53:68  00:00:54:01
00:00:54:35  00:00:54:68  00:00:55:01
00:00:55:35  00:00:55:68  00:00:56:01
00:00:56:35  00:00:56:68  00:00:57:02
00:00:57:35  00:00:57:68  00:00:58:02
00:00:58:35  00:00:58:68  00:00:59:02
00:00:59:35  00:00:59:68  00:01:00:02
00:01:00:35  00:01:00:69  00:01:01:02
00:01:01:35  00:01:01:69  00:01:02:02
00:01:02:35  00:01:02:69  00:01:03:02
00:01:03:35  00:01:03:69  00:01:04:02
00:01:04:36  00:01:04:69  00:01:05:02
00:01:05:36  00:01:05:69  00:01:06:02
00:01:06:36  00:01:06:69  00:01:07:03
00:01:07:36  00:01:07:69  00:01:08:03
00:01:08:36  00:01:08:69  00:01:09:03
00:01:09:36  00:01:09:69  00:01:10:03
00:01:10:36  00:01:10:70  00:01:11:03
00:01:11:36  00:01:11:70  00:01:12:03
00:01:12:36  00:01:12:70  00:01:13:03
00:01:13:36  00:01:13:70  00:01:14:03
00:01:14:37  00:01:14:70  00:01:15:03
00:01:15:37  00:01:15:70  00:01:16:03
00:01:16:37  00:01:16:70  00:01:17:04
00:01:17:37  00:01:17:70  00:01:18:04
00:01:18:37  00:01:18:70  00:01:19:04
00:01:19:37  00:01:19:70  00:01:20:04
00:01:20:37  00:01:20:71  00:01:21:04
00:01:21:37  00:01:21:71  00:01:22:04
00:01:22:37  00:01:22:71

Date of Release: A Witch's Titty On The Fifth Of November

One day before the release of 110A30213, on November 4th, 2016, PWW posted a message on both his Twitter and (now defunct) original Facebook profile reading: How many of you want to see my new video — like — NOW!!!? #ImTheWitchsTitty. On November 5th, the link to 110A30213 was posted on both platforms. The Twitter post contained only a shortened link and #ImTheWitchsTitty, whereas the Facebook post displayed the sentence Now I remember, remember! #ImTheWitchsTitty.

The expression witch's titty takes its origin in the expression "colder than a witch's tit". A basic explanation of this idiom is that "colder than a witch's tit" is just a vivid metaphor, like "hotter than the hinges of hell." Since a witch is in league with Satan, presumably she has no maternal feelings. Thus the medium by which she would suckle a child is [...] cold as a witch's tit.
However, the 'witch's tit' (also known as witch's mark) originates during the XVIth and XVIIth centuries witch-hunt by both Catholics and Protestants. [...] those accused of witchcraft were overwhelmingly female (80%) and predominantly old and poor. The witch-hunt was, according to historian Margaret King, a war waged by men against women, and what better symbol for that misogynistic enterprise than the female breast, deformed and vilified under the rubric of the ‘witch's tit’?

With the release date of 110A30213, on November 5th, the message written by PWW on Facebook — Now I remember, remember! — is an unambiguous reference to the infamous line from Alan Moore's graphic novel V for Vendetta. In the dystopian England of V For Vendetta, crushed by the iron grip of a fascist government set in place after a global nuclear war, the main character V blows up the whole London Parliament, on November 5th, to put an end to tyranny.

This narrative aspect is inspired by the Guy Fawkes story and what is historically known as the Gunpowder Plot. This (failed) plot aimed, notably, at the assassination of King James I of England and VI of Scotland, as well as to blow up the House of Lords during the State Opening of England's Parliament on November 5th, 1605.

The complete folk verse, sung on Guy Fawkes Night celebration, goes:

Remember, remember!
The fifth of November,
The Gunpowder treason and plot;
I know of no reason
Why the Gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot!
Guy Fawkes and his companions
Did the scheme contrive,
To blow the King and Parliament
All up alive.
Threescore barrels, laid below,
To prove old England's overthrow.
But, by God's providence, him they catch,
With a dark lantern, lighting a match!
A stick and a stake
For King James's sake!
If you won't give me one,
I'll take two,
The better for me,
And the worse for you.
A rope, a rope, to hang the Pope,
A penn'orth of cheese to choke him,
A pint of beer to wash it down,
And a jolly good fire to burn him.
Holloa, boys! holloa, boys! make the bells ring!
Holloa, boys! holloa boys! God save the King!
Hip, hip, hooor-r-r-ray!

To note: members of the hacktivist group Anonymous have famously appropriated the Guy Fawkes mask for their public appearances.